NAME - useless things for DevOps 

DESCRIPTION is a text mode blog about BSD, Linux and typical DevOP
        content like Ansible, Puppet etc. running on pyhpblog.
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	Name:	 Florian Paul Hoberg
	Address: Via Email
        Nick:	 trinec 
	Email:	 florian [at]
	GPG:	 69BF7050
	SMIME:	 SMIME (crt)

	GitHub:  GitHub profile
	Xing:    Xing profile
	NTP:	 NTP Pool Stratum 1+2 systems

	This blog is running on pyhpblog, a self written blog engine in
	Python (backend CLI) and PHP (frontend) as a Open-Source CMS and
	blog system with a minimal design. (C) 2019 [privacy] | [impress]